Enosh graduated with his degree of Bachelor of Health science (Physiotherapy) from Auckland University of Technology in 2003.
He obtained post graduate Certificate of Physiotherapy in 2010 from Otago university and intending to complete post graduate diploma in manipulative therapy in the near future.
Enosh has worked both in orthopaedic care in acute setting (2004-2006) in the hospital as well as working in the community (since 2007).
Enosh has also enjoy working with athletes in different levels to help them achieving their goals and preparing for the grind of full season by assessing biomechanics of each individuals and carrying out preseason training programme to address any identified faults.
Besides, Enosh has been interested in and having success in implementing acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine approach to subacute and chronic conditions that have not responded with conventional manual therapy and exercise therapy. He is currently investigating the best clinical outcome measurement for each relevant condition to allow him to present this exciting but reliable findings in case studies, hoping this may embark an interest in the profession particularly in the specific acupuncture approach – collateral meridian therapy, which is non invasive (via pressure, electricity and laser instead of needles) and in scientific recording (compared with traditional acupuncture).
Enosh has started his own practice, Accent Physio, since 2012 in Green Island Dunedin and has enjoyed working with a very vibrant community. He is working closely with local GPs  and is well known by the orthopaedic specialists and urgent doctors in town.

Enosh has a busy family life and is a man of faith. Most importantly, he believes whatever he does he needs to be happy with himself before he can genuinely work with his clients in a positive manner.